We can direct you to the proper channels to enroll in Original Medicare Parts A and/or B or to elect Social Security.

Evaluation & Enrollment

Representing most major carriers, we are able to assess your particular needs to select the coverage that best meets your unique situation.


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Beverly Kingsley

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medicare Insurance Policy education & Enrollment

Medicare Basics

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We don't disappear after your policy is issued. Actually that's when our service begins. We will be there with you to assist if ever there's a need as your agent for life.

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Deciding when to elect Original Medicare

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it can all be too much!

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Above and Beyond


We will help you decide when to enroll in Original Medicare and Supplemental Insurance based on your particular situation.

Our service to you does not end with the education, Medicare plan selection, writing and issuance. In fact, that's where it really begins. We will be here to assist you every step of the way while you have your Medicare coverage.

Should you ever have a claims issue, problem with billing, question regarding a provider, you have us as a resource. You will always have someone you know and trust to assist and advise you along the way.

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I've heard many times 'I have a Master's degree and still couldn't make sense of all the Medicare mail I received now that I'm turning 65!'  That's why our program is based on education first.

We will review the basics of Medicare. What Original Medicare Parts A & B cover and the gaps they leave, the differences between a Medicare Supplement and an Advantage plan including networks, premiums, copays etc. We will also review how to select the right Part D prescription drug plan for you based on your current medications and the plans available. Once we do a comparison, you will have the information needed to select the right plan that will save you the most money in drug costs and premiums.

Once we have pinpointed the right coverage type, we will review the different carriers and plans to select the best option for you. Believe it or not, Medicare plans are not one-size-fits-all, and the plan your neighbor has is not always the right one for you. We will do it right the first time.

So you think you should be enrolling in Original Medicare soon, and maybe a supplement and Part D plan, but you really don't know where to start and don't want to miss your chance.

That's where we begin:

  • We include consulting with pre-65 clients, as well as those over 65 who are considering leaving group health coverage, to review their individual Medicare options and benefits, advise on Original Medicare Parts A & B enrollment, timing, penalties and processes.

  • Instruct clients on how to apply for Original Medicare Parts A & B online if turning 65, or if they are over 65 and coming off of group coverage we will assist by supplying the forms required to apply directly to Social Security  by mail or fax.

  • Advise on the benefits (financial or otherwise) of  enrolling in Parts A & B with a Medicare Supplement and Part D or an Advantage Plan, or staying on a Group Health Plan if that is more beneficial for a period of time. We also review the penalties of not enrolling when initially eligible for Original Medicare and/or a Part D Plan, and when those penalties do not apply.